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Transforming corporate governance through DAO’s thinking. Through a very large ecological construction and governance process To prove that the social...

Written in the front

Transforming corporate governance through DAO’s thinking. Through a very large ecological construction and governance process To prove that the social practice of DAO’s philosophical thinking is reliable.

What is NO.1 DAO?

As a decentralized autonomous organization, DAO is a case of blockchain technology successfully landing in many subversive concepts. It is a form of organization that keeps operating through smart contracts, and encodes its financial transactions and rules on blockchains, effectively avoiding reliance on central authorities—so called decentralization and autonomy.

Such organizations could be expanded to the notion of ‘decentralized companies’ or ‘centralized companies’. This type of company is owned and operated jointly by customers and employees. There is no a single superior boss. Just like Bitcoin organization, there is no central and authoritative organization to act as a board of directors. For some people’s busy life, this is the way to freedom. The tremendous progress on the autonomous road and the reduction of corruption, in today’s society dominated by corporate governance, its emergence can reduce the exploitation of capital by capitalists, and it can also avoid the wanton influence of the company’s hierarchies on the staff.

NO.2 What is eonDAO?

The eonDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization. The original intention of the organization was to solve the disadvantages of the ownership and interest holders in the startup company, and to maximize the strength of the organization members to carry out the socio-economic entity organization that helps the development of the real economy. . Bid farewell to the organization and management of boss-style thinking, brought about by the revolutionary nature of corporate, decentralized. Make use of cutting-edge blockchain philosophical thinking to start a business and promote social progress.

NO.3 Umm…Could you please briefly introduce eonDAO?

Well,In shortly, eonDAO are a non-profit organization committed to incubating some for-profit business organizations so that they can be better developed. 16 June 2018 in WuXi will be presented to world with 9 founding members and an additional 6 board members.We like EOS but EOS like tech organization only, eonDAO start from business organization, eonDAO not offer ICO , PE ,just receive donate and Vanity Business Project.DAO is not company , well like company alliances. We are not present company, but just the member of eonDAO which like complex alliances contain technology, products, markets, and capital.

NO.4 Why do you want to use eonDAO to do a career that people dare not think about?

A person with an entrepreneurial heart would not be content with past achievements but will always try to experience those new or new arrivals.

NO.5 How is the organizational structure designed?

For a group-level organizational governance model without precedent, it is difficult to give a standard. The only thing that can be used to define whether or not the organizational structure is successful is to be able to develop steadily and steadily. Therefore, we take into account the closed loop of the organization’s funds, self-organization, and the flow of personnel, especially the board of directors (bureau) personnel, without affecting the entire organization’s processes and stability. These are reference standards.

NO.6 How is the organizational structure designed?

For today’s business entities, besides such giants as Microsoft and IBM, the most important thing for small and medium organizations is definitely talent. In fact, it is similar to entrepreneurship. We hope that the people who are looking for are perfect. Although the end result is not perfect, the people we choose to do as much as possible can complement the gaps and shortcomings of the entire organization. We do not want the barrel effect to happen. We also hope that each elite can have an organization that can exercise its capabilities and that the organization’s incentive mechanism can spontaneously mobilize these elites to serve the organization itself.

The last question, how to join your social experiment?

公众号 Search: eonDAOclub, Click ‘Focus’ and welcome to join us. Or long press Scan below QR code to follow 这里写图片描述

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