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Why Hardhat

Run Solidity locally

Easily deploy your contracts, run tests and debug Solidity code without dealing with live environments. Hardhat Network is a local Ethereum network designed for development.


Hardhat is the best choice for Solidity debugging. You get Solidity stack traces, console.log and explicit error messages when transactions fail.

Extreme flexibility

Change anything you like. Even entire out-of-the-box tasks, or just parts of them. Flexible and customizable design, with little constraints.

Bring your own tools

Designed to make integrations easy, Hardhat allows you to keep using your existing tools while enabling deeper interoperability between them.

Fully extensible

A tooling platform designed to be extended, Hardhat has all the utilities you need to address your project-specific needs.

Plugin ecosystem

Extend Hardhat with a composable ecosystem of plugins that add functionality and integrate your existing tools into a smooth workflow.

Fast iteration

Keep your momentum going by making your development feedback loop up to 10x faster with Hardhat.


Catch mistakes before you even run your code by switching to a typed language. Hardhat provides full native support for TypeScript.

Vibrant community

Great tech attracts great people. Join the Hardhat community to find answers to your problems and contribute to the plugin ecosystem.

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